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At the scientific congress, Humanchwingungen in Würzburg Germany on October 1 2020, the results of a pilot study were presented in which the company's product VibroSense Meter® II was used. The aim of the study was to investigate short-term effects of exposure to hand-arm vibrations. The result showed a strong impact wherein a significant decrease of the sensitivity of fingers was detected with the VibroSense Meter® II. The data will become the basis for new recommendations for health controls of vibration-exposed personnel in Germany.

The study result was presented by Dr. Alexandra Corominas from the Institute of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Lübeck University Hospital (LIOH). The results showed a strong temporary deterioration of the sensitivity of the fingers at high frequencies after the subjects had been exposed to controlled low-frequency vibrations in the hand and arm. Based on the findings, the clinic has started a major study with the objective to provide recommendations and guidelines for regular health check-ups of vibration-exposed workers in Germany.


  • The results from the study are very interesting for VibroSense. Not least considering that our instrument, the VibroSense Meter® II has served as a relevant tool for detecting short-term effects caused by vibration exposure. With our new application HAVS Screening, we have a very favorable position and I have great hope that it will be proposed that our product VibroSense Meter® II will be included as a central instrument in the new guidelines, says Toni Speidel, development and research manager at VibroSense Dynamics AB.


About vibration injuries in Germany
According to an estimate in the "European Risk Observatory Report", about 12% of all workers in Germany are exposed to vibrations for more than 2 hours a day. Knowledge of how to avoid and prevent injuries is still limited.

The Institute of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at LIOH is now investigating which diagnostic methods that can be used to identify people at risk at an early stage. LIOH focuses on finding methods for prevention based on scientific evidence based on regular health check-ups, so-called Screening.


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About VibroSense Dynamics AB (publ)
VibroSense Dynamics AB (public) sells and develops efficient systems to support early detection and diagnosis of sensory neuropathy, i.e. disease of large nerve fibres and nerve trunks in e.g. legs and arms. Our vision is that the VibroSense Meter shall be the golden standard instrument for neurological examinations to assess sensory neuropathy and help to improve life conditions for patients having a risk of getting nerve injuries.